The difference between a Facial and a Medi Facial

Our skin is made up of two main layers, the epidermis, and the dermis. The epidermis is the layer responsible for the prevention of free-radical damage, i.e. from pollution, smoke, harmful bacteria etc.

A standard facial only provides pampering and is not treating the skin. They also generally include harsh exfoliation, which strips the skins barrier and is unnecessary, as our cells regularly turn over and fall away from the skin naturally, without the need of forced exfoliation. In a facial mask are applied and are generally left on the skin, where they only sit on the surface. This means a standard facial gives only temporary results that generally only last a few days. The products only sit on the skins surface, and do not penetrate to the Dermis, where our skin does the most healing and repairing. A standard facial is like taking a Panadol, it does not fix the problem, it simply masks the problem.

With Medi-Facials, the prescription strength (medical grade), natural ingredients which are exclusive to Doctors reach the Dermis to combat all skin issues, such as acne, scarring, pigment spots, sun damage, dehydration, rosacea, broken capillaries, etc. Medi-facials also improve the tone, texture, and collagen and elastin production in the skin, thus slowing down ageing.

Medi-facials are personalized to each skin type, as all our skins are different and react in different ways. The results are effective and long-term and can be permanent if combined with appropriate prescription medical grade homecare. Instead of rough exfoliation or a chemical peel, Medi-facials use natural prescription strength ingredients to speed up cellular turnover, remove dead skin cells and repair the skin leaving it refreshed and healthy looking, without compromising and damaging its protective barrier.

For a Medi-facial, a full skin analysis is performed to determine which specific ingredients will be used. They include a pre-mask and mask, and a cocktail of powder blends specific to the skin type. This brings every skin-type back it its full health and heals skin problems. A heated towel over the face and neck allows the prescription strength, natural ingredients to penetrate further into the dermal layer. Penetration is also helped by massage throughout the Medi-Facial. In addition to massaging the face, massage of the neck, shoulders and hands means a Medi-facial is as pampering as a standard facial.

Without stripping the skin of its nutrients, Medi-facials gently recover and improve the skin, one Medi-facial at a time. This allows clients who receive Medi-facials to feel more confident, radiant, rejuvenated and relaxed. Even one Medi-facial can make a huge difference to your skin. If we treat our skin well, we are making an investment in it and everybody deserves to have amazing, healthy skin.

So very simply, the difference between a Facial and a Medi-Facial is Medi-Facials give guaranteed, corrective, natural results that last.

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