The main two-layer of our skin is the dermis and the epidermis. The layer that prevents us from the damage to free radicals in the epidermis. Free radicals mainly are infection-causing bacteria, pollution, smoke, etc. If we want to give the best skin care to our skin then we should understand why medi-facial is so important than standard or normal parlor facial.

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Benefits of Facial:

  • Deep Cleansing: Facials can thoroughly cleanse the skin, removing impurities and buildup that regular cleansing may not fully address.
  • Exfoliation: Exfoliating during a facial helps to promote cell turnover, leading to a smoother and more radiant complexion.
  • Hydration and Nourishment: The application of serums and masks can provide the skin with essential nutrients, hydration, and antioxidants.
  • Relaxation: Facials offer a chance to unwind and enjoy a soothing experience that promotes stress relief and relaxation.
  • Skincare Analysis: A skilled esthetician can analyze your skin during the facial and provide personalized recommendations for your skincare routine.

Treatment cost:

Below Prices are Excluding GST
ServiceSingle SessionPKG 3 Sessions
Diamond Facial ₹2,800/- now ₹2,200/-Call us
Co-llagen Facial ₹3,200/- now ₹2,600/-Call us
Rivo’s Signature Facial ₹4,200/- now ₹3,500/-Call us
Gold and Radiance Facial ₹4,600/- now ₹4,000/-Call us
Pumpkin Facial ₹5,300/- now ₹4,500/-Call us
Fire & Ice Facial ₹6,400/- now ₹4,500/-Call us
BB Glow Facial ₹6,800/- now ₹6,000/-Call us


HYDRA FACIAL – Original from USA 
1. Saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow
2. Remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers that quench skin detoxifies your skin.

1. Exfoliates your skin .
2. keeps your face hydrated.
3. detoxifies your skin.

1. it reduces unwanted wrinkles and fine lines.
2. it slows the aging process.
3. It gives you hydrated and collagen rich skin.

1. It accelerates cells renewal & boost the skin elasticity.
2. It helps in  drainage & toxin removal thus can reverse oxidation & sun damage .
3. It promotes blood circulation , adding a sparkle to the complexion.

1. Infuse the skin with bioflavonoids.
2. Provides antioxidant benefits.
3. delivers beta carotene amino acids & fruit enzymes to the skin .

1. It resurface the skin .
2. helps to eliminates fine lines & wrinkles by accelerating the skin cells renewal process.
3. Gives instant glow.

1. Reduction of blackheads & pores .
2. Instantly glowing & radiant Skin
3. Evens out blemishes & discoloration.

1. It provides a healthy glow to your skin.
2. Reduction of under eye dark circles.
3. Helps in controlling breakouts.

The main two-layer of our skin is the dermis and the epidermis. The layer that prevents us from the damage to free radicals in the epidermis. Free radicals mainly are infection-causing bacteria, pollution, smoke, etc. If we want to give the best skin care to our skin then we should understand why medi-facial is so important than standard or normal parlor facial.

The dermis plays the most important role in the healing and nourishing of the skin. All effective skin treatments should target the dermis. In a normal facial, only some massaging work is done. They don’t treat skin particularly the dermis. In normal facial, all efforts are made to remove the dead cells and try to clean the outer surface of the skin. This is an unnecessary process. Our skin sheds off the outer layer in the normal process. So, as a part of the best skin care, we don’t need to put any special effort into this. In normal facial skin treating products, that are applied to it just stick on the surface. They don’t penetrate deep into the skin. So they don’t do anything to the dermis. Instead of treating the dermis it just puts a cover to it. The problem is not attended rather it is hidden. Nothing can be expected from this type of treatment.

Skin needs natural or herbal products and many specific medical level compositions, that are only prescribed by a medical doctor. This specific product helps in the rejuvenation of the skin by healing them and infusing life into them. Medi-facial helps in fighting many skin problems like acne, sun damage, scarring, pigment spots, damaged capillaries, and such skin issues. It also enhances the texture, tone, elastin, and collagen preparation in the skin. All this pushes aging and you look younger than your age.

In order to give the best skin care to our face skin, we should prefer Medi-facial that are specific to a specific skin type. Since all skins are not the same so in Medi facial is programmed to treat various skin in different ways. The medical-grade compositions help in cellular growth, cleans cells that are dead, and treat the skin well so that your skin gets a refreshing and healthy look. In this process, the outer protective layer is neither compromised nor damaged.

The medical professional makes a proper analysis of the skin and finalizes the particular composition that is to be used in Medi-facial. Since a particular blend of medical-grade ingredients is planned for a specific skin so, the skin of any type retains its natural power to rejuvenate and become capable of healing naturally. All efforts are made so that the ingredient penetrates to the dermis level. Massaging is done at every level. Massage of neck hands and shoulder help in a much better way for penetration of ingredients. So this gives a long-lasting and permanent effect on the skin. By placing a steam-treated warm towels on the face, helps in giving better results. The best skin care is not just a facial but a specially planned Medi-facial.

Medi-facials slowly help the skin in recovering from its problems and make it healthier to improve from the earlier condition. One can really feel the difference and feel confident after taking a medi-facial. With proper scientific and proven technology, Medi-facial is not just a treatment but an investment in the skin. It prevents the skin from becoming dull and untimely aging look.

So it is very simple to say to give the best skin care we need to understand the clear difference between normal facial and medi-facial. Follow the best skin care routine with medi-facial and give your skin a natural, confident, and long-lasting result.

What should be the best skin care routine for your skin?

When it the question of taking care of your face, it is crucial and really important. But what to apply on your face. People advise putting a dozen of the best skin care product ( are they best for your skin?). Just look back on who is advising you. Most of them ( look back on their past ) are just your high school friends and turned into beauty care consultants with time. Are you serious to follow their advice? Your skin is more sensitive than you think over.
It is not only important to choose the best skin care products but it is more important to have the right skincare routine. What to apply and what sequence. Is it moisturizer or face oil or retinol or toner? Is not it more confusing than being that simple as advised by your friend? The confusing is the routine. Well, let us understand them the real science. Before that, you must understand your skin. All good products may not be that good for your skin.

Understand your type of skin –

you must understand your type of skin before going to apply or picking up ant best skin care routine. Which type is your skin?
Is it normal or oily or dry or combination or sensitive skin? Do you know it can change over time?
For example, the skin of younger people is more supposed to be normal than older people. How to know?
Just check the amount of water your skin carries that will decide whether your skin is dry or normal. Does your skin carry more oil in it? All these will decide whether your skin will be soft or harsh.

Normal Skin type –

If you have radiant skin complexion, not so dry or oily or fewer pores, or not having any imperfection, then your skin is normal.

Combination skin type –

If your skin is normal somewhere and oily in another place then you may take as your skin is combination type. You may have big, visible pores and blackheads. It needs different care for a different part.

Dry skin type –

This skin has barely visible pores, dull complexion, less elastic, dry, itchy, and visible lines. This type of skin needs more care.

Oily Skin Type –

This skin has large pores, a thick shiny complexion, and has lots of pimples and blackheads.

Sensitive skin type –

This type of skin shows redness, dryness, and itchy. This type of skin is developed due to some reactions, especially to some skin care products. You need to know the actual trigger that makes your skin sensitive.

Best Skin care routine you need to follow –

Want to know the best skin care routine. The best may not be layered over the layered load of the various formulation. The best is just three-step if you are a beginner. Eager to know? it is just three: cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen. Only three that will work like a miracle. You need to add some if you have acne, pimple, or some other. That we shall cover on later part of it Let us understand them one by one

Cleanser just the first step –

You want the good thing out of all available options. You need to get rid of all of your makeup. You need to clean them. Dermatologists say you need to clean up and make it free from oil and grim and prepare your skin so that it prepares itself to absorb all the goodness of proper and best skin care routine.
To remove makeup please never use those makeup wipes. That does more harm than helping your skin. Recall your experience or the horrible experience when you used it last time to remove your makeup. Would you prefer to repeat the episode? Use the right cleansing oil which gently removes your makeup. Then you may like to follow up with a creamy cleanser. For this, you may choose an olive and tea tree oil or some gentle hydrating oil.

Toner the second step –

Gone are the days when you were using alcohol-based toners that were irritating. Now have got many choicest gentle toners filled with a hydrating ingredient. The main purpose of a toner is preparing your face so that it can help in adding ingredients, later you are going to apply.
For oily skin use toner beta hydroxy acid or salicylic acid. For dry skin Alpha hydroxy acid or lactic acid or glycolic acid.
All these help in dissolving blackheads and also prevent blackheads if you have acne.
For any other type of skin, you may go for a hydrating toner. All hydrating toners are good as there is no limit for hydration of the skin After applying cleanser you need to wait for seven to eight minutes or till it dries up. Some good toners are milk and honey toner, BHA pore minimizing toner

Serum the next step –

Serums are combinations of product that provides nutrition and antioxidants to your skin along with hydrating to great extent. This is just an option for you but at the same time you must remember that they going to provide real-life to your skin You can use vitamin C serum in the morning that works though out the day dealing with the free radicals ( free radicals are the real cause of the aging process or bringing aging in your skin). It may be a little hard on your skin so you may choose it to use on an alternate day.
The use of hyaluronic acid-filled serum during the night work like a miracle to your skin. It helps in adding moisture to your skin pulling it from the air while you are in deep sleep.

Moisturizer the whole day companion –

Moisturizer is something you need to apply so that it stays whole. Apply two times a day. That is good for you. Why? It is the only thing that helps in absorbing all the ingredients. So it works for all your application in absorbing them so you get the most out of your investment on your skin.
A light hyaluronic acid Moisturizer that keeps your skin hydrated the whole day. Make sure your Moisturizer has sunscreen of at least spf30 in it for better results. This is what you should consider using in the morning.
During the night your goes into repairing mode so the Moisturizer that you use most have all the ingredient like hyaluronic acid, lipid, and protein. You can add an anti-aging cream with retinoid.

Retinol: Vitamin A essential for your skin –

This helps in rejuvenating your skin by producing new skins that add glow to your skin. So your skin refresh with fresh cells healthy enough that make it wrinkle-free. Getting results from retinol use takes months but never worry. In short term, it would surprise you with some good results. It helps in fading away dark spots, smooth scars clean pores.
Always start with a small amount and increase in weeks. Like once in a week in the first week and twice in the second week and finally every alternate day. Be care full if you are already using any cream that has retinol in it. If that is the case no need to add retinol separately.

Oils the essential part of the best skin care routine –

Oils don’t moisturize at all but they are essential in absorbing or sealing all the ingredient and moisture that has been used. Oil increases the efficacy of the ingredient used. they also make skin soft and smooth. Oil can penetrate all other ingredients but all ingredients can’t pass through oil. So oil is best used at the last layer.

Sunscreen the last layer –

Sunscreen although the last layer but it has nothing to do with your skin. It just acts as a protector of skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. It prevents sunburn, scaring. You should note that excess exposure to the sun may lead to skin cancer. So a good sunscreen always act as a protector of screen
With all these be sure you are following a best skin care.

Best skin care routine is not only to be followed in right manner but also need to be followed systematically. At Rivoskin you shall be guided in exact way.

Discover the best skin care that you need to adopt –

How to build the best skin care routine Glowing and young skin is not just a matter of heredity, it requires the best skin care. In fact, your daily habits, diet sleep, etc. play a very important part in the health of your skin. Here people purchasing the best skin care products online should definitely not just rely on one article or blog, but rather they should conduct thorough research. It is also advisable to consult with a skin care specialist and if you have any severe problems like too much acne or blemishes etc. then it is advisable to consult a dermatologist. The best skin care is not just dabbing on the latest skin care product.

You need to plan and create a proper best skin care regime for youthful and smooth skin without blemishes acne, fine lines, and wrinkles. Let us look at how to design the best skin care routine The best skin care routine consist of three main steps. Cleansing – this is done by washing your face with a good quality face wash. Do not use soap on your face because it will dry out the skin this is the first rule of best skin care. When you are choosing a cleanser or face wash, make sure that it is compatible with your skin type. This is very essential because using the wrong face wash can cause problems like very dry or too oily skin. Toning – this will balance the pH of the skin and will prevent it from becoming too dry or oily.

Toning is also meant for the best skin care for your skin to feel fresh all day long. In fact if you are going out then you should carry a toner with you and dab it on a few times during the day so that your skin looks fresh and rejuvenated throughout the day. Moisturizing – this hydrates and softens the skin which is very essential for best skin care. Just like we need to drink sufficient water to keep ourselves hydrated. In fact, lack of water can actually kill a person. In the same manner, if you do not hydrate your skin it will winkle and look dull. Here you also need to understand that even the water you drink hydrates your skin, but the real job of best skin care is done by a good moisturizer. Bear in mind that a moisturizer should also be chosen according to your skin type otherwise it may develop problems like oily skin, acne, dry skin, and others the best skin care routine is aimed at making your skin and complexion look its best. It is also aimed at resolving any problem areas.

In fact, most beauty routines are a chance to look at the changes inside yourself. This is the view of all best skin care specialists who have proved their worth with their clients. The main thing that most people don’t understand is that as you grow older your skin will experience changes. This is the reason that the best skin care products that you used at the age of 30 will not work when you are 50. The three tips mentioned above should be continued at any age so that your skin will look younger compared to your age. It takes time The skin care products of today have come a long way however, even now there is no quick fix for best skin care. If you want glowing skin then you have to do the best you can for your skin with the three best skin care tips mentioned above. Also remember that apart from the three tips mentioned above, for the best skin care you should also take care of your diet. Here you need to understand that your skin needs healthy fats like Omega 3 for best skin care and Omega fats are found abundantly in fatty fish.

Then again you should make sure that the foods that you eat contain enough nutrients. Avoid packed and ready-to-eat meals because the preservatives and other chemicals that they contain will harm your skin and even the internal health of your body. Leafy greens, citrus fruits, beetroots, etc. are the fruits and vegetables that you should include in your diet. You can also consult a nutritionist or rigorously browse the internet for articles like these that will give you the best skin care plan or routine. you should look at some facts of skin tightening that is part of best skin care. Some good laser hair removal service shall help in removing unwanted hair that is also a part of best skin care. While looking at best skin care methods one must be judicious and adopt the right ways to take care of skin. Have the right plan for the perfect result discover the best skin care that you need to adopt in Mumbai

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