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Laser hair elimination is a method that’s used to dispose of body Hair, The Laser or a focused beam of laser light used is a special medical equipment, that has a predefined Wavelength and is tested harmless for humans.

In this technique, the laser hair removal, the light beam which is at a predefined Wavelength is received by the hair and passes down to the Hair follicles and, here light energy converts into heat energy and destroy the follicles which is the root of hair growth. The root is destroyed means no more hair growth at that part of the skin.

Since most of the hair follicles, which are damaged due to exposure to the laser, are often get repaired by the body. So you need to have multiple sessions. It is essential to get the expected result.

That means many may assume laser will remove hair permanently. Exactly speaking it is not. Your hair growth will be delayed. With repeated sessions, you can get 70 to 90 percent results. You are required to have a maintenance session once a year.

As laser light is absorbed by hair, so the absorption is maximum with black hair at the same time black hair with light skin works like a good combination. Light skin doesn’t absorb laser light so the absorbed light goes straight to the hair follicle and burns the follicle to the maximum extent. In contrast, light hair with dark skin works oppositely. Here, hair absorbs less and skin absorbs more laser light resulting in a chance of skin burn. To deal with such a situation our experts plan with the proper strategy to get maximum result. Rivo has a highly experienced and expert team to handle this. That is why the laser hair removal service near me gives Rivo the top position

usually, the chin, top lips, armpits, back of the hand, Legs and the bikini line can be dealt with for Laser Hair removal.

With the modern and new technology of laser hair elimination, the chance of adverse effects is minimum. There can be skin redness, swellings, or every so often pores and skin allergy reaction. All these are reactions are temporary and often go in a few hours. If you get more such reactions than a few medications a small dose of steroid helps in getting out of these situations.

Different wavelengths are used with high-quality USFDA approved machines by RIVOSKIN to get the best result without affecting the skin area. Some clinics use low-cost Chinese equipment. You can get a bunch of them when you search with a laser hair removal service near me. Since the machines are not that efficient the operator has to increase power and most of the light is wasted by skin absorption and that result is less transfer of energy to the hair follicle and so less result is expected. At the same time, it causes increased side effects like skin burn, skin infection, redness that lasts longer. So while going for a laser session, you must check the quality of the machine used by the clinic.

This hair removal process may change the skin texture. The skin may change to darker or lighter but whatever may be the case that, in most cases are not long-lasting. It goes back to normal in few days. But this reaction becomes significant if the person exposes the area of skin before and after the session. So it is always advised to avoid sun exposure before and after the laser session for few days. After few days they should use sunscreen cream.

In very few cases this process results in scarring, blistering, crusting or any other change in skin.

The hair does not stop growing immediately after or after a few sessions. For that, you need to understand the various stages of hair growth or phases of hair growth.

Anagen phase: this is the growth phase of hair and laser hair removal works best in this phase. Most of the body hair ( around 85%) is at this phase.

Telogen Phase: At this stage, hair stops growing. Very less part of body hair ( around 5%) remain at this stage

Catagen phase: It is the phase when hair starts shedding.

Hair falling or shedding doesn’t happen instantly after a laser hair removal session. It takes few days to few weeks to show a significant result. At the growth stage of the hair follicle, laser treatment works better. When skin is treated with laser the concentrated laser beam energy is conducted by the hair to the follicle, which is at growth stage, get damaged resulting in a delay in hair growth. When this process is repeated in a regular interval, the follicle does not grow substantially or stops growing at all. When this happens you get the desired result. That is the reason you need to have 6 to 10  laser session to get the best result. After that, you may need normal yearly maintenance. That is necessary to get the best result and get rid of unwanted hair for life.

That depends on the part of skin you want to use laser hair removal treatment. If you want to go for the full-body the session will take approximately 2 to 3 hrs. At the same time, a small area like the upper lip may take 15 minutes or a little more time.

Redness and swelling are normal reactions you may see just after a laser hair removal session. That is quite usual and goes away within few hours. The doctor may recommend applying steroid cream to the affected area. So need not worry about this. You may also apply ice to the affected area which reduces the swelling of the affected area.

After laser hair removal and in between planned sessions one should avoid sunlight exposure and should not use a tanning bed for at least six weeks. The treated area should be protected with broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen on regular basis. At Rivoskin you shall be guided according to your specific requirement and whatever specific step is required for you.

Yes, we at Rivo use US FDA-approved machines only.

So next time when you are searching for a laser hair removal service near me do try to find a Rivo centre near you. Just come to our center our well-experienced expert will guide you as per your requirement. Our centre is not only an overall care centre for laser hair removal service but also you shall get all-round care for your skin.

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