Hair Fall Treatment for long and shiny hair

Hair Fall Treatment suitable for you

Most people especially men will have Hair Fall there is no need to be alarm timely intervention can restrict the Hair fall with Hair Fall treatment.

First thing to check is the reason for the Hair Fall, also remember Hair fall is also a regular part of our Hair growth cycle, Our Hair goes through 3 phases, Anagen, Catagen and Telogen phase.

  • In the Anagen phase is when new hair grows from the root, this phase is the longest of the three phase and on average 85% of our Hair at any given time is at this phase.
  • In catagen phase the Hair stops growing and is dormant, at any given time %-10 % are at this phase.
  • In Telogen phase the Hair starts to shed and this is the phase where you notice your hair fall.

The issue is When your scalp/skin does not go in Anagen after Telogen phase, this is where the Total Hair count on your Scalp reduces slowly. With current new advancement of Technology, we can sometimes fix the issues.

The most common is Thinning of Hair, Male pattern baldness, Female pattern baldness, Alopecia Areata and Alopecia.

  • Thinning of Hair- Most people have this Hair thinning problems
  • Male pattern Baldness- Receding of hair line at temples and thinning at crown
  • Female Pattern Baldness- When bald patches occur with or without thinning of hair
  • Alopecia Areata – Autoimmune disorder which results in unpredictable Hair loss. This is a medical problem and should be treated as early as possible.
  • Alopecia – Loss of hair from a Body or Head results in baldness

All the above have different way to cure or fix externally.

At Rivo we have Experts who can guide you and customize treatments based on your Hair condition after analyzing the underlying problems which is very important to have lasting results. These can be Re-energizing Hair follicles, Hair shifting from other locations etc.

The most common reasons are Dandruff, Bad diet, Stress, Certain disease, Chemical , cheap substandard hair products.

How to control Hair loss and Baldness

Good diet like fresh Vegetables, fruits cab reduces or slow down the Hair fall progress. Keeping the Scalp clean, massaging the scalp, gentle combing and Homeopathy can help.

Biotin is a vitamin, there are supplements available in the market, Food that contain Biotin are Oats, Onions, Eggs, Sweet potatoes and Nuts. Quitting smoking also helps to reduce the Hair loss as smoking affects the blood circulations. Stress is another cause, to reduce the stress you can practice Yoga, Meditation, listen to music and most important get at least 8-9 hours of sleep. Towel drying is preferred verses hot Hair dryer.

If you have recently started some medications, check with your Doctor as some side effects are hair loss and most of time this is temporary, and hair will regrow when you complete the course or stop the medication.

To find an effective solution to your hair fall problem it’s essential to know the root cause which can be done only through proper scientific diagnosis. You can try Laser Hair Treatment, Hair restoration, Hair replacement etc.

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